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PYGJS (Pygame in the Browser/NodeWebkit... whaaat?)

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I've toyed with JavaScript based HTML5 game development for a while.  It's pretty cool, but I always found myself yearning for a game library I fell in love with at one point, and that was pygame.

But you can't write/run python in the browser you say... au contraire my little one, there is Brython ( which is a Python 3 interpreter in JavaScript that integrates with JavaScript!

So I was poking around the internet and found this neat game engine in JavaScript called GameJS ( which is, remarkably, like pygame.  An idea started brewing.

What if I wrote a python Pygame wrapper that translated into GameJS functionality that ran in the browser?  Then I could run python in the browser, import pygame, and run MOST of pygame in the browser as well!

So that's what I did!  It's in rough draft, this is the first draft, and I had to modify some libraries to do it (which is documented on my github account).   It's not bullet proof or heavily tested, but it works (at least I got it to work on my nodewebkit installation).  Here's a more detailed journey of my thoughts and motivations for this library:

The github repository is here:

I thought this might be of interest to you HTML5 guys cause it uses HTML5 and the browser in the end, you just get to Pythonize it up!  Fun!

Anyways, I hope you guys find this useful in any way, even for a kick,


P.S.  I can use all the encouragement I can get, being a self-taught programmer, so there's two links that you can help me if you like what I've done here to continue development: and my patreon at



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Are there any demo games or sample pages I can take a look at, possibly with some input/output. It's quite an interesting project, have the pygame community been interested? You're a crazy guy for doing this.

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