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Should inFrustrum work on a sub mesh basis?

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I have a scene not quite ready, but essentially a human mesh appears.  It does some skeleton posing coordinated with some morphing.  The scene is using an arcrotate camera.

The human has meshes for eyes, eyelashes, eye browse, teeth, & tongue which were all merged prior to export.  They are a single mesh with multi-materials, so sub-meshes, in BJS.

If you zoom in, the sub-meshes disappear early.  I am not sure, is this was supposed to happen?  BTW, If no animation is done or only the morphing, then this does not happen.  If I do the QI.skeleton posing this results.  The series of poses do lower the skeleton, which are part of a defense.  Could it be since bones are done on gpu, frustrum is not done based on being slightly crouched?  It does look really weird.


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It should not be the case. The isInFrustum uses the bounding info. But for GPU modified meshes, the bounding info is not updated (as it lives on CPU side) and if the deformation is important enough the bounding info could be completely off :)

In this case I suggest to turn off mesh selection with mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true

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