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GLTF2 and importMEsh method issue

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Some days ago I realized that the was a new release of COLLLADA2GLTF2.0 available:

You can see it at:

I have tried with:




My problem is that I am trying to use the BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh method but it seems it is not able to import anything. No meshes, no in

In order to use the GLTF2Loader I am using babylon.glTF2FileLoader in the header section of my HTML but it doesn't work neither provides any error output.

As I want to import everything from my GLTF files I use "" or null as the first argument of ImportMesh.

With GLTF1.0 it works with both.


Am i doing anything wrong or maybe GLTF2 is not yet fully supported? I read that it was but it seems it is not the case.

My meshes don't have anything than geometries and standard materials.

I have tested with the multiple options the command provides:

  • -i inputdaefile -o outputfile
  • [-g] --> with or without
  • -b --> with or without
  • -m --> with or without


Best regards

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The PG you prepared had only one single mesh, no product structure on it.

To reproduce the problem is very simple, just create a collada model with product structure and convert it to GLTF1.0, you will see that the structure is properly converted , now try with GLTF2.0 and you will see.


Here you can see my model example converted to GLTF2.0 and you can also see the original DAE file.


Best regards



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