Zoko & the Fireflies ( 2d platformer )

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Hello every one,

Me and a friend are two french guys launching a new adventure/platformer game : Zoko and the Fireflies.
We have been working two years on it (not full time, after work and week ends)
In the game,  Hero have to save all his friends from vilain Dr Chaos . To do that , i will have to use a boomerang , jump, carry objects, run away and fight boss

It's made with :
Javascript, PIXI.JS (webgl), Spriter, Box2D (cocoon api) And compiled to apk with

For now i don't have a Web Version Online but i have published it on Google play store

Google Play Store :
Play online in Browser :

Our website :

Please leave me feebacks :-)

More screenshots :


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looks really great!! smoth play and really pollish!.

You should add a power that it can do something with the light of the fireflie, something like kill all the enemies or something like that!.



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Thanks guys

For now, fireflies only turn light on caverns but in world 2 (work in progress; coming soon) , fireflies can carry objects such as rock or platform :)

But the idea is really good, i will see if i can do something fun with that

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Nooo the web version is throwing an error for me! It looks so amazing, I want to play it! Great job on artwork and looks really fun too! Awesome!

Also, performance obviously works well using box 2d and mobile, did you run into anything to look out for when working with box2d plugin?


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Got an error trying to play the game, in Chrome.

    Pixi.js 3.0.10 - ? WebGL ?    ??? 

pixi.min.js:7 Uncaught Error: The frameId " and " does not exist in the texture cache
    at Function.i.fromFrame (pixi.min.js:7)
    at window.cvhdnksq (menus.js:1)
    at window.cvhdnksq (menus.js:1)
    at Object.window.kfwckbmc [as add] (game.js:8)
    at window.rsvlwdvn (game.js:4)
    at Object.window.fswcqfpm [as add] (game.js:1)
    at Object.window.pfbbbtqp [as dqckdkqd] (menus.js:2)
    at window.kwtmhmrl (menus.js:2)
    at eval (eval at xhr.onreadystatechange (menus.js:2), <anonymous>:1:399)
    at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onreadystatechange (menus.js:2)
game.js:4 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of undefined
    at window.pdcwpkhs (game.js:4)
    at Object.window.bplqkfrt [as step] (game.js:4)
    at window.rlqqtkpc (functions.js:1)


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