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Hi guys ,
I'm fairly new to babylon and this forum.
But I already like it a lot. Thanks for the knowledge that is shared over here!

I'm trying to build my first little babylon experiment with a friend and we ran into a problem which we don't know how to solve.
It's a small scene with a couple of skeletal animations. You can find over here:

When its done it should be looking like this, ...Reference Frame


The meshes getting rendered in a funky manner/order :) We think it has something to do with the alphaIndexes and all our non-opaque meshes. We already searched for it an read this article: about how things are rendered, but we still don't know the best way to fix this:

Some advice, best practices would be very welcome.

PS.: Had some trouble with building a working playground. (It always said that I need to have a camera.)





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get rid of the code

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2 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

It is nearly impossible to help you with just a dump of your code :(

We need a working playground

Thanks for your fast reply. You're right. I'm sorry ...:)  Here the condensed Playground.
Playground: Funky Renderings

1 hour ago, Deltakosh said:

But perhaps I have an idea.

Why do you need an opacity texture? This will force the mesh to be transparent and thus will generate the kind of artifacts you have


For the character you're right. We can turn that off. First Problem solved, Thank you :).
But I think we need the opacity textures for the gras for example. One gras object has two meshes:
1. is the straw
2. is a plane that generates the stylized "shadow"
We want to distribute the gras on a textured floor later. If we won't have an alpha there the transitions between plane and floor will be visible.


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Thanks for your help David! Its really appreciated.
Would be awesome to have semitransparent areas for the transition between the elements. Is there a way without getting the render-order issues?
With the alpha testing method it seems as if there are either fully transparents or solid pixels. :)

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