Open-Source: "PacDude Hero IV 110% Turbo" Beta1 99%

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Took me two weeks working 16 hour days seven days a week, but I managed to make this Beta1 99%
of our "PixiJSv4"+"Audio5js" 100% open-source/cross-platform game called:
"PacDude Hero IV 110% Turbo".

You can play the game at below URL webpage:
(full source code & resources are downloadable on the title screen)

Game *should* run with music and effects on the following systems/browsers:
- Microsoft Windows 10, 8.x, 7 Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera desktops/notebooks
- Linux Firefox & Chrome desktops/notebooks
- Google Android Firefox & Chrome(no audio?) smartphones/tablets

The source code should be clean, but needs optimizations, especially the new high score name input button handlers.
I am not a really great Jedi Master game programmer so be lenient please!
I really prefer game design and game testing, code writing is mentally and physically painful for me...

Let me know in this forum thread of any bugs or issues, many thanks!

Remember this IS a beta version...
If you press on keyboard [Shift]+[L] you can skip levels
If you press on keyboard [Shift]+[C] you can clear the high score screen to default values
BONUS: Secret Code "4777" will show ghost return home on screen

I play Doom4 now on my Linux super desktop, enjoy!
(there will be more games with this engine soon...)



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Good job on the beta and I enjoyed your 16-bit nostalgia, hidden features and retro aesthetic.  Some feedback you may wish to consider: 1) controls didn't work on mobile (when I tested last week), 2) the tight scrolling view is unhelpful when playing a Pac clone, 3) trademarks.  Good luck!

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