A zombie FPS game demo

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I'm from Hangzhou, China. I wrote a FPS game with babylonjs, but there are still many things to do. I uploaded some complete code to GitHub, and if you're interested, you can always download it, and I'll synchronize the latest code with GitHub in time:)

github url:   (click  Star:D url:  (Thinks satguru)

Also, please remember to bring your headphones and enjoy the perfect sound effects. (at least I think so.):D

Some screenshots


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19 hours ago, Mythros said:

OMG! PLEASE add a realtime Node.js server to this! This is AWESOME! PVP & chat would KICK ASS! <3

Clicked the star!



I will try, but it will be a lot of work, my time is limited, but I will try to finish it;)

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On 2017/8/21 at 11:22 AM, Mythros said:


Do you know this is one of my personal projects, I only have a few time to improve her, in China the programmer's job is to need to often work overtime to complete, my time is limited, I have already had a period of time did not understand nodejs, I need to study it, I will add a multiplayer version in the future, but before this, please allow me to finish a perfect stand-alone version, sorry ~ ~ I time is really limited, brother:)

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On 2017/8/22 at 5:40 AM, hunts said:

Tips: need maze generating algorithm, and better AI library like babylon-navigation-mesh

I can help if you want

Thank you very much. I have noticed the library you sent to me. Please give me some time. I will get to know it:D

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