cant get tilePosition of undefined

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hey guys took a long break from phaser and decided to come back to mess around with it but oh man i must be stuck on something that is so simple but i cant figure it out.

i keep getting the error: cant get tilePosition of undefined. code is below. Thanks in advance! 

var background, playerR, run;
var playState = {
    create: function() {
        game.add.image(0, 0, 'background');
        playerR = game.add.image(200, 400, 'playerR');
        playerR.scale.setTo(1.8, 1.8);
        run = playerR.animations.add('run');'run', 10, true);
    update: function() {
     background.tilePosition.x += 2;



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4 hours ago, lewster32 said:

You haven't defined background, only initialised it. I assume the first line of the create function needs to be:

background = game.add.image(0, 0, 'background');


Thanks for the reply but I have tried that but it still gives me the same error. I'm assuming it has to do with me using states for the first time .  It's gotta be some small error. Any other ideas

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I figured it out. I was supposed to add it as a tileSprite instead of add.image to have it to work. just figured i put that out there if anybody else had the same problem.

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