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Physics P2 Collision equation

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i've 2 characters physics p2 enabled, they both can collide with each other, they are also static=False.Which mean that when one run toward another, the second get back and get some velocity.

Which properties i've to set to get more control on this effect ? I tried editing masse/inertia but got had not good results. Any tips ?


I'm also looking for an equation that show how the effect works depending on theses parameters.



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Static objects should not collide as they are  ... static.  Static are two houses on street - it does not move.
For moving objects in game physics (not only P2) you have two choices:
 - kinematic body,
 - dynamic body.

Kinematic body is good for things like moving platforms - it moves, but when player jumps on it it does not react and still makes its work. Dynamic bodies are what you need when you want action-reaction behaviour. Now, you can set its mass and other properties to tune your game.

 Regarding equation, this is good source: and equation you are looking for is in part 3:


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