Pymp - A colorful, fast-paced arcade game

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Pymp is a colorful, fast-paced arcade game with two game modes. In the first mode, "Avoid Mode", you have to avoid the rectangles and collect the triangles in order to proceed. In the second mode, "Collect Mode", you have to pass through rings. If you make one mistake in either mode, the run is over!

I tried to make the game challenging enough for most players. As you progress through the levels, the colors, designs and difficulty change. Try to reach as far as possible, it's worth it! :D 

As a side note, the graphics are made using only the drawing functions of the Canvas 2D API. No external images or 3D libraries are used.




You can play the game here: 


I really hope you guys enjoy it! :) 

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23 hours ago, BdR said:

Cool game, but really difficult. :) Clever use of the 2D graphics elements too, the pseudo-3D style looks smooth.

Thanks! To be honest, the game turned out more difficult than I expected it to be. But, in hindsight, that's not a bad thing! :) 

22 hours ago, Milton said:

My favorite game in ages.

That's awesome to hear! :D 

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On 16-8-2017 at 2:44 PM, francoisdiy said:

Very cool! Love the name pymp. Wish I was one myself!

Haha, thanks! ;) 

8 hours ago, Umz said:

Really fun game! Gave a good 5 Stars on Kong too, enjoyed this one alot. Is it possible to add lanes for an easy mode? So I know what's coming in to where haha

Thank you, that's awesome! :) Maybe someday, I'll make a new/updated version with (optional) lanes! It seems that a lot of people would like that feature.

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