[Phaser] Color Stars

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Hello devs!

I want to share with you the first demo of Color Stars, It's a color puzzle flat game with an educational component. The game will be available on web and mobile (cocoon) 


Play here:


I appreciate your feedback and comments




  • Add some "modifiers or traps"
  • Speed fixed
  • New planets added

The game is almost ready, thanks to people who helped me testing it.

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I thought that was really good, quite relaxing, not too challenging, not sure if that was the intent.

The dots were always fairly equally spaced so there wasn't a great deal of variety and no new elements were ever added to the gameplay, I got to 100 before failing.

There is a typo on an early screen, complet instead of complete. Also, when I got the planet review screen I instinctively wanted to tap the planets to focus on them rather than tap the arrows, maybe adding that functionality (keeping the arrows) would be a nice quick addition?

The game felt really nice and smooth, loaded quick, I loved the graphical style, the animations were all smooth and added to the overall feel of the game, its difficult to get all those things right and I think you nailed it!

Also good to see someone taking some steps to encode their persisted app data! kudos!

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