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Pixel Colour bleed

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So I am using a range of images as sprites, and whenever they have been cropped and touch the edge of the canvas in photoshop, it creates a weird bleed of colour as if the last colour pixel is being stretched outwards, please find attached some screenshots of the issue. I have fixed the issue for myself by creating a blank space between the image and canvas edge, so I can confirm that it is definitely the cause of the bug! Hope this helps future development! 

line 1.PNG

more lines.PNG

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19 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

Can you reproduce in the Playground? i would like to tackle this issue

I don't think I can, because my personal images arn't uploadable but, the same playground you helped me with previously is what i'm still working with, and my images if there are colour pixels touching the sides of the image file saved in photoshop to png it creates the issue, easy to replicate by choosing any image and putting it into a build, just over crop the images and you'll get the same bug

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