Unity Asset Store Model Import with submesh attribute 0, n vertices 0

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I'm new to BabylonJS.  I've been successful at integrating the framework within an Angular 2 project.  Now, I'm trying to integrate 3D models from the Unity Asset Store.  I used the Unity exporter to generate a .babylon file.  It rendered a gray beagle.  The console complained about an old PBR Material version.  I removed the albedo property and the error went away.  So, did my beagle.  I've attached my log from the console.  I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting.  

What is the common approach to integrate 3D models into Babylonjs?  

Is there some linting tool to troubleshoot the .babylon file?  Is my problem somewhere else?




unity model missing submeshes and vertices.PNG

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