AbsoluteRotation and AbsoluteRotationQuaternion

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We have a project where there's a need to get absoluteRotation and / or absoluteRotationQuaternion.

Is there a need somewhere so a pull request about this is possible ?

If so, is it wise to compute it here

By adding _absoluteRotation and _absoluteRotationQuaternion private properties and

BABYLON.Quaternion.FromRotationMatrixToRef(Tmp.Matrix[0], this._absoluteRotationQuaternion);
if (!this.rotationQuaternion) {

Or should it be only done in a getAbsoluteRotation method to avoid the overhead of computing it every time computeWorldMatrix is invoked ?

(note : what's the usage for this kind of question ? using the forum, GitHub issues or directly submitting a PR on GitHub ?)

Thanks a lot and have a nice day !

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(regarding github: we keep it ONLY for bugs and for me to track what the roadmap is)

I like this idea but we cannot have it in the computeWorldMatrix. So yes a on demand property could be cool here! This property can be smart and have a dirty flag to update it only when computeWM was called

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