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scroll/zoom whole html body making a swipe on canvas on Android? autoPreventDefault false not work

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Is there any possibility, how to achieve scrolling or zooming of whole HTML body by making a swipe on canvas on Android (Chrome)? The only thing I was able to find when searching over internet and Pixi docs is using a property "autoPreventDefault()". But even when I set it to false, it does not work.

What Am I missing here? Is there any simple code example of autoPreventDefault?

When you try to zoom-in the page outside the canvas and then move over it (canvas fill whole view port) - you are now in a trap, because there is no way how to move the canvas or zoom-out back.


var renderer = autoDetectRenderer(800, 500,{antialias: true, transparent: false, resolution: 1});
renderer.plugins.interaction.autoPreventDefault = false; = "1px dashed black";
renderer.backgroundColor = 0xDDDDDD;
renderer.autoResize = true;


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Thanks. I've been looking for this. This has been driving me insane for ages. I've previously resorted to patching pixi.js itself, but I hate doing that.

What I find weird is how this isn't more of an issue for people.

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