How much do you make through ad revenue?

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It totally depends on traffic - how many people will play your game. 

From what I see at our stats - 1,000 ad impressions gives you around $3. 

So on a website where 100 people will play your game (viewing the ad once) and than forget about it - that's $0.30

On a website where millions of players will be playing your game several times each day - that could be tens of thousands of $$. 

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On 1/3/2018 at 1:02 AM, blackmoondev said:

We use AdSense for Html5 games. 

I guess we'll introduce options to buy stuff in games in 2018 - we haven't done that yet. 


Just wondering if when did you get approved for Adsense fo HTML5 games. I have already applied twice using their request form but have no response from Google so far. I believe it was still in beta some time back but I have seen Adsense for HTML5 ads in many portals now. Is there any specific process to get approved. I want to try third-party vendors as well but have more trust in Google. I am going to start a new thread to get more information around best third-party vendors for HTML5 games.

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