[WIP][Phaser] Pocket City - a mobile city building game

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Hi guys! First time poster here. I wanted to share my upcoming HTML5 mobile game, Pocket City.
Animated Gfycat link: 


Thanks so much to PhotonStorm for creating Phaser! I've been using it for a year and a half on this game and it has been a blast to work with.

My goal is to create a mobile city building game that has the depth and gameplay of traditional desktop city builders, but with a modern mobile interface. My plan is to release for iOS and Android, then if things go well, perhaps PC.

Here's some links if you guys want to stay updated:






Thanks for taking a look!


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very nice look and impressive work, are you alone on that project? i must agree phaser is super cool, i didn't know you can do  isometric graphics that nice with it.

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Thanks guys! Yes, I'm just working alone on the project, except for the audio. To do the isometric graphics, I create tiles in Photoshop and position them with some cartesian to isometric coordinate math.

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