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How is game.resolution supposed to work?

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Sprites in particular.

With game.resolution = 2, everything looks correct to me except the sprite dimensions: they should be 64 × 64 game pixels, just like the sprite's texture, but instead they're 128 × 128 game pixels. The texture fills only a quarter of the sprite.


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That looks like a bug to me and happens with < 1.0 resolutions as well.

@samme Why do you want to use a resolution greater than 1.0? I can't see any point going above that scale because you're not taking advantage of the whole canvas.

On the other hand, 0.5 = each sprite pixel takes 4 screen pixels and so forth. This runs a lot faster on the GPU and is how I can get my game to run at 60fps on devices with slower graphics cards :-)

Something cool I found: You can dynamically change the resolution without reloading the game by directly modifying this._game.renderer.resolution (reading the docs of Phaser.Game says it's read only and can only be set via the configuration object, see

Edit: More info here

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