Vibrations in Babylon.js + Oimo.js

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I'm making the game using the Babylon.js and Oimo.js.
I want to put cubes one to the other and create bigger buildings - just like wooden domino or jenga cubes in real world. But if I put a lot of cubes one to the other, they will start to shake and the whole building will collapse.

I can not figure out why this is happening? Can I somehow get rid of this vibration?

Thanks a lot for your advice.

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Ho @PavolHejný,

Welcome to the forum!

First - the default physics engine is cannon and not oimo, so you are technically using cannon.js.

Two things that can help your physics interactions be a bit more precise: Reduce restitution, increase iterations: (line 35 and 26 respectively) .

Restitution was the main cause of this behavior. The forces "transferred" between the cubes and were not reduced too much during the process (you had 0.9, 90% restitution, which is a lot).

Increasing the amount of iterations the physics engine does will increase its precision, but will reduce performance a bit. I put a 100, but I guess 50 will be enough as well. 20 is too little (default is 10).

Hope this helps!

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