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Can Pixi create pixel perfect text in a scaled container?

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Hi all


I was wondering if Pixi has a method for creating the appropriate sized text when within a scaled container.

In my case, I scale the main container so that its height is 1080.

In this container, I would create a Pixi.Text object with height 20px.

From what I understand, this creates a 20px text object, which is then scaled down when placed in the container.

This results in text which is slightly blurry.

I'm planning on creating a method which would calculate the true pixel height required, which would then be scaled to the size needed.

Is this something which Pixi itself supports, or would I need to build this myself?

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Yeah it shouldn't be something difficult to do. I did search through the js file to see if Pixi can already do this, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

I did do a search for text scaling, but it seemed to be people wondering about linear or bicubic scaling.

Couldn't find questions about building text in the perfect resolution in the first place.

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