[SOLVED] Trouble with renderTargetTexture clone function

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When cloning a material - say, a BABYLON.StandardMaterial -, everything is fine except for renderTargetTexture.


material.clone() function calls renderTargetTexture.clone() function. But renderTargetTexture.clone() function creates a new empty RenderTargetTexture with the same properties.
Btw, I'm sure that adding "scene.customRenderTargetTextures.push()" at the end of the clone function would resolve this issue. But I don't think that people want to create a new RTT each time they clone a material (it would kill the app, especially on iOS devices).

Not sure about which behaviour adopt here, any idea ?

Thanks !

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First I wanted to add a new propertyType to handle this but we cannot anticipate if a diffuse/reflection/whatever texture will be - or not - a RTT. So I just check sourceProperty.isRenderTarget in clone function.

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