equirectangular skyboxes

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Sorry but I think I need a sprat topic for this... I know we are working on DDS ... and that is great... but it still has to do a bunch of WINDOWS ONLY API to generate cube map faces and mipmaps and so on... 

Hey @Deltakosh and @Sebavan can you please tell me what you about this and if its possible... if its NOT possible, please let me know and I will leave it alone.

I tried using as a regular texture and equirectangular setting (I forgot the exact syntax, but there is a switch to say equirectangular) but just using that alone

causes a funny swirl at the TOP and BOTTOM POLES

But is there ANYWAY to just use 'preprocessed' equirectangular image as a skybox... even if still in the DDS file format but use equirectangular image format like this BEAUTIFULLY tone mapped HDRLabs file country.hdr -> country.png




Please ... let me know something :)


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15 hours ago, raghu said:

Convert equirectangular to cube map images

Yeah I found that one too... It makes beautiful pixel perfect splits even using 16-Bit source images with HDR Color Profiles.... Makes Perfectly TONE MAPPED faces :)

Note: I keep a link to a modified version of the tool I created (more compatible with Babylon's rotation and name standards)


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