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why does face flip occur?

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I am babylonjs  beginer.

I am going to develop viewer to loading obj file using babylon.js

however. face flip is happened in work.

normal vector was reversed.

I don't know why that happen.

this is image using assimp viewer.



next: using babylon.js



pleas help me!

I believe your capacity.





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Hello @lingkernyurk.

It seems your OBJ file don't have the correct normals for the door. I downloaded your OBJ and opened it with 3DSMax, here is what I can see : 


See the dark red color ? It indicates the normals are flipped.

It's the same for the other part of the door (you can compare with the lighter red on the house) :


For me it doesn't look as a bug.
One way to disable it Babylon side would be to set the corresponding material like this:

scene.getMaterialByName('JoinedMaterial__3').backFaceCulling = false;


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