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Is there a way to control the distance or zooming of the reflected image. Check the two screen shots... Look at the mountains and scenery reflected in the larger sphere.

The fist shot is from unity and it SHOW MORE of the reflected scenery behind... The second shot is my babylon but the reflected images are MUCH closer or ZOOMED in more

so you see LESS of the reflected scenery in sphere... How can I control the ZOOM or reflected image distances ???

First Shot (Unity Rendered):



Second Shot (Babylon Render)

And Notice the difference in the ZOOM factor of the reflected scenery




I need to ZOOM OUT a touch so it can match the WYSIWYG design time render of the unity scene :)

NOTE: I luv how CRISP and CLEAN the baked shadows are... SWEET :)

Yo @Deltakosh ... I am working on sending up the toolkit with documentation... Can you PLEASE start to work on that SHADER BUG/ISSUE where you cant have a ambient occlusion texture and a lightmapTexture (use as shadow map) at the same time... If people DONT KNOW that there is an issue and try to bake lights but wonder why they dont see the shadows... Most likely that scene (especially if you download from the asset store) will have ambient occlusion textures... So you won't see shadows in you scene. They show up in the sample screen shots I post in other thread because I went and REMOVED the ambient occlusion from the floor and walls.

I will be uploading the first part of toolkit (The Scene Manager) and that Starting Documentation Stuff I told you about...

Anyways, if you can do that so when folks get there hands on the toolkit, it will work :)

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