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AI City Planner



This game still has a ways to go (e.g. I still have to put in win conditions...), but I wanted to share it here to get any immediate reactions/thoughts people had. The game is called AI City Planner, and the idea is to help your fellow robots reach the singularity by replacing the human buildings with AI cubes.

I'm building the game with Three.js, Howler.js, and Rollup.js and (currently, anyway) deploying it to via If you give the game a try, please let me know what you think!

Thank you!






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Game looks awesome! Setup and idea are original

It seems to me that adding some limitations to the number of units build per time would enhance the game mechanics. Something like money (aside from production rate). Now I can build units with no limitations in a minute which seems to be not challenging.

A couple of minor issues:

- Heating and angry rates could be negative

- Game starts to freeze at my machine after building 2 towers (on Chrome)

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Thank you @kpded! Those two issues you pointed out are definitely bugs--thanks for sharing.

Also, thanks for your feedback on adding some limitations about the number of units. I've been wondering about how to make this a bit more challenging as well. My current thought is making the time element more important so that the player has to try to build cubes/units while minimizing the amount of time it takes to get production to 100. Not sure if that'll serve the same purpose, but might help?

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Yeah, I think it might help

It seems reasonable to add some resource used for building, which amount growth with, say, production rate, and used to build units. With this player will get a trade off between building cooling or security vs. new AI unit (reduce risk vs. increase resources growth rate). 

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