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Rim Effect

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Cool I didn't know about the fresnelParameters!

To go further, do you think there is a way to mix waterMaterial with the fresnel parameters to obtain a sort of force field? 
Something like that : (hope I won't get ban for sharing a unity video ;) )


I have made a test in this playground with no result :
But maybe the waterMaterial is not the right tool to do that.


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Hi @Temechon!

I am currently tring to add you force field custom shader in my scene (which looks really great by the way!)

But I need the force field to be also transparent. Do you a way to do that? I am just starting with custom shaders so don't really know all the parameters yet!

Thanks, Pichou

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I made it work by adding the needAlphaBlending: true attribute in the ShaderMaterial creation! It looks really nice!

Weird thing I noticed though : If my mesh with the shaderMaterial has a visibility of 1, it creates a hole in the canvas. I mean I can see the other html element behind the canvas in the scene.
In order to avoid that I add to put the visibility to 0.2.

ShaderMaterial are awesome, I will continue to add them in my scene! ;)

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