Construct 2 Game Development Services [ 5 years experience ]

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Hello everyone!

Let me offer you my services as a full time Construct 2 Game Developer / Game Designer

About myself: 

  1. 5+ years experience using Construct 2

  2. 60+ finished games made for different clients

  3. all kinds of games, from simple to normal to advanced to corporate games

  4. working 8-16 hours a day being a full time game developer, even weekends are work days in case of an urgent deadline

  5. my portfolio website:


My rates are fair to both you as a client, and me as a freelancer, after checking the GDD or the game details you have, i shall give you a fixed price for the whole thing.

Looking forward to receiving your requests..



Clean It Up.png

Coins Game.png

Dice Game.png

European Interactive.png

Gifts Game.png

Jackpot Game.png

Kill Mosquitoes.png



Pipeline Challenge.png

Pumping Station.png

Wheel Game.png

You Are Where.png

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