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Hello, ok here's my request, I am trying to create a minigame like in "The legend of zelda: phantom hourglass" multiplayer game

one of the difference with this gameplay is that it will be a multidevice mobile version, another difference is that the level will be randomly generated.

I have found a maze generator here:

therefor i have a few questions:

-how could i use this to create multiple paths like showed on this picture?

-Am i able to export a phaser game to an android app with cordova?

-Is is possible to put a hitbox on the randomly generated walls on the canvas and if so how?

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully i'll find a solution thanks to you

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If you're looking for a great resource on maze generation I'd recommend this blog.  He goes through a load of different approaches to writing mazes and provides example code written in Ruby, so you just have to translate that to javascript to get it to work with Phaser.  

I don't have any experience with cordova but from my own testing of phaser apps, they seem to function well in the chrome app on android, if you wanted to provide your game as a webpage rather than a packaged app.

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