Particles are love, particles are life, particles are low hanging fog.

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BEAUTIFUL!  I need to bookmark that a few hundred times.  Nice use of a wide and flat emitBox, and low update speeds. 

I HAD TO see it on a heightMap.

Yep... lookin' good (a bit like flying above the clouds in an airplane) 

Your demo might be the best low-fog I've seen so far.  With a "rolling hills" heightMap, it would do a nice "pool in the valleys" effect, even though there's no particle pooling/swarming forces in-use.  COOL!   Thx, aW!

A guy COULD... umm...  get aweird.

Quick tour... line 139 installs a "custom start-position function" on the particleSystem.  The custom particle-starting-position-func... is at line 44.  It simply changes the emit location to a new vector3... every time a particle is born/recycled.  It could be 3 lines of code, but instead, I chose to use 50 lines.  :)

What if someone gathered an array of all vector3 heightMap positionKind which had a Y-value LOWER THAN fog-top?  (do it early, when scene initializes)

Then, in the fast-running custom start-poz func, use those "valley vectors" as the emitters for the fog-particles.  Generate fog ONLY in the valleys, and emitted from the heightMap's (lower-) positionKind data (the valley vectors). 

In simpler words, gather the locations of the valleys, and only use THOSE AREAS as particle-emit locations.  hmm. 

And then, what if... you generate MORE particles for REAL LOW valley-vectors, and less particles... in NOT-SO-LOW valley vectors.  WOW!  Smart-fog!

Aweirdo's Fog-Enhanced HeightMaps, INC.  "For ALL of your self-fogging-terrain needs!" :)

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Oh yeah... on-the-fly testing within customStart func... instead of pre-gathering?  Yep, yep, yep.  Thx J.

errr... maybe.  I need think-time on this.  aWeirdo is a much better coder than I, so he/she already understands completely.

I'll catch up in a couple hours.  :)

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PG is currently down, whoever hosted the original smoke texture have removed it from their dropbox.
working on a solution. will update shortly.

Thanks to Unity Technologies and their CC0 ( public domain ) particle's pack,
the PG is now working again.

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