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I'm looking for 2d artist to participate in my project - simple maze brain-teaser planned to release on HTML5, Android and iOS

The game is about a hamster in a sphere looking for an exit in a maze with movable walls and other dangerous stuff (e.g. fans and electric arcs)

Game prototype

At the moment there are only 9 levels showing key mechanics that I plan for implementation

Since I'm absolutely dumb in art I'd like to give the artist an absolute creative freedom in all the visuals of the game: style and graphics, animation and visual part of UI

If you are interested and:

- like the prototype and game idea

- have ideas on how to enhance the game graphics

- have at least some experience in 2d art creation

- ready to connect via skype on a daily basis

please PM or e-mail me at

About money. I'd like to work under revenue-share agreement. Some fixed fee is possible and under discussion

About me. I'm specializing on programming: Phaser, kivy (Python framework), HaxeFlixel (Haxe). I can create some graphics in Inkscape. My released games:

Football juggle

Gravity Ride


I've worked on this games with freelancers. But I'd like to change the approach since freelancers are not interested in result and I can't adequately asses the quality of art work before all the game art assets and mechanics are joint together. And that takes time

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