PBRSpecularGlossy and ReflectionProbe

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Hi everyone,


I'm facing some issues with the use of ReflectionProbe, may I please request some help ? 

Here's the use case :

Some object is in a room with walls and windows, and I'd like the walls and windows to reflect on the objet.

So I add a probe at the object's position, push the walls and windows in the probe renderList.

And it works pretty well !

(here, the cube is the object, the balls are the walls and windows...)


But in some cases (like in the linked playground), there's some long and synchronous computation when it needs to call ConvertCubeMapTextureToSphericalPolynomial. I think it's correlated to the type of the Material I'm applying the probe texture on...

Is there a workaround to avoid this computation ? (beside reducing the texture size ?).

On a side note, I have very little knowledge about the concepts of light harmonics, but why does this computation only happens once if the probe is updated each frame ?

In advance, thanks a lot for your inputs ! Have a nice day,

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