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LOW LYING FOG's texture is not loaded

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Possibly pertinent... remember the clouds demo, P8?

A RARE use of shader code inside-of html script elements.  It's a nice demo.  A bit harder to hack-on than "low-lying", from a programmer's perspective.

(Except for folks like @NasimiAsl).   "Naz" could install shader code on Jupiter, using varying "uniforms" from FedEx drivers.  :D

Who is the hot shader guy at 3JS?  AlteredQualia?  *nod* 

Naz could kick his butt... with one hand tied behind his back.  :)

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9 minutes ago, NasimiAsl said:

i cant kick any place of anyone  but   i am sure we can find solution (i have some idea need test it) 

:D what is the exact question here 

There is not one. ^_^

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:)  It is "about" the great "look" of low-lying fog... especially in the valleys of a rolling-hills (plains) terrain.  The fog in these valleys... is "boiling" (animated), and it is ONLY in the low-lands.   The original challenge... was... attempt-to simulate this. 

But THIS thread... is about the low-lying fog demo on the BJS website... having a broken texture.

Pryme8 and I went on a tangent here, talking about the fog itself... instead-of the broken website picture.  Sorry about that.  I accidentally ping people... when I REALLY meant to ONLY type their name.  Sorry Naz.

Let's go find the ACTUAL thread about producing low-lying fog in aWeirdo's/various ways.  (Wingy jetpacks-off to another thread with a wave)  :)

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