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3DS Max Exporter - Animations with non-default easing produce drift

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If you try to animate a mesh in Max and export it, then any keyframes that have the easing changed from the default value will produce a continuous drift in whatever property is being animated until it hits the next key frame.

You can see what I'm talking about in the attached files.  The max file has 2 boxes, both animating position. One with custom easing the other with default,  you can see the custom easing one drifts a little before it's animation should start playing.

Here's a description of the scene from my artist:


Between frame 0-50 there should be no animation on either of the boxes.

Frame 50-80 both boxes animate on x axis

Box001 has standard key with automatic standard easing.

Box002 has standard key frame with slightly adjusted easing.

Problem is box002 with adjusted easing starts a continues drift between frame 0-50 while the keyframes don’t represent that.





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