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Best PBR workflow setup for 3DMax to Babylon

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How to perfectly set up all possible PBR properties (channels and values supported by Babylon PBR material ) in 3D max such that it exports to Babylon perfectly in a manner that uses the full potential of Babylon PBR materials? (Without requiring to set any PBR properties by code or by using )

I am basically looking for best workflow method for producing realistic Babylon scenes (which have PBR materials for all meshes) using 3D Max.

Any common pitfalls/suggestions/tips ?



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@Deltakosh   Thanks for quick reply. I checked that page. But I missed the line "Involved parameters are highlighted bellow and described in following sections."

One of the reasons for my question was basically trying to understand what properties to set in Max and what is ignored by the exporter.  That is already answered in that screenshot with red highlighted properties. 

If someone has used PBR extensively and can share their experience of common pitfalls to avoid and common tips, it would be great. 

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We've done a lot of experimenting on PBRs in the last little while.  They work great and the linked article explains things well there are a couple of caveats right now.

The 3DS max exporter exports ambient occlusion to it's own Map - babylon supports having AO in the R channel of your MetallicRoughnessMap - Substance Painter does this automatically saving you a file to load.

There's a currently a bug in the export that if you use GLTF as your export format then camera animations are not added to the camera object - if you export as .babylon file it works fine.

Also when loading your PBR material you need to make sure your camera settings are correct in Babylon here are ours:

scene.imageProcessingConfiguration.contrast = 1.6;
scene.imageProcessingConfiguration.exposure = 0.6;
scene.imageProcessingConfiguration.toneMappingEnabled = true;

Also to get the most out of your PBRs you need a nice EnvironmentTexture.  You can save yourself some pain by setting the 'environmentTexture' property of your Babylon scene object to your texture.  This will automatically apply it to all the materials in the scene.  I believe the exporter was recently changed to do this automatically but I've yet to test it.






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