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syed samoon

Clamp Player movement

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 i need a help. i want to clamp the player movement in certain range. how can i fix it.

now i'm using following method

the moveleft & moveright is a boolean function.

it is working fine. but if the character repul while colliding with collider. then the character move across the given limit.

how to clamp it. 

if (player.moveRight && player.position.x <= 42) {
player.position.x += 1;
if (player.moveLeft && player.position.x >= -42) {
player.position.x -= 1;

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It's hard to understant your code without any live example, but I'll take a shot :)

Can you try something like this ? 

if (player.moveRight && player.position.x <= 42) {
player.position.x += 1;

if (player.moveLeft && player.position.x >= -42) {
player.position.x -= 1;

if (player.position.x >= 42) {
  player.position.x = 42;

if (player.position.x <= -42) {
  player.position.x = -42;


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