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webgl debug by firefox

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Hi all,

currently I'm read master RICH's tutorial for improve performance by batch texture.

when  I use the firefox dev tools canvas capture in the article

it works when I use canvas renderer, but when I change to webgl, it can not capture the analysis. 

FF shows error and break the app.
TypeError: methodSignatureEnums is not a function-----------------call-watcher.js:168:34

I tried many version of FF and phaser. none of them can work.


is there anyone tried this before and works. please give me a workable FF version, many thanks

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On 2017/11/24 at 6:44 PM, Fenopiù said:

Good morning!

Canvas capture it's just work with canvas (as is name suggest).

If you want to capture WebGL you have to use the add-on WebGL-Inspector:

thx for your reply, just actually I just follow rich's tutorial, anyway I will try your recommend pluin thx.

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