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Ok, so things are starting to come together with a system I have been working on.
I have most of the things figured out, Im just putting together tools to make editing the assest/levels easier.

I have the prototype/alpha of the tileAtlas Sheet editor almost done, the only thing to add is speed settings for the animations and to export the SHEET object for later use in a PROJECT file.

The editor lets you select a tile, and choose the animation type which the frame progressions are explained here:
This is all very early in the development but all the dots are being connected and soon this will be a full fledged 2.5D Scene editor extension for bjs.
Here is the Sheet editor prototype:
Arrows scroll the sheet around
Select a Tile and an animation type to see the preview.

This is all in preparation for the final editor, where you will be able to edit your assets and levels all under one roof visually then export as a single TILEMASTER file that will  later be load the project into a DOM with a single function.

The tileAtlas shader features 4 layers per plane,  of course Animations, Paralax effects, and Mode7 like transforms.
I will be adding  more features later (like plans for LightMapping and pixel perfect shadows)

Here is a really shotty demo showing the animations and layers working:

Here is a bad demo of the Paralax effect:

I have been trudging away at this and have a ton of features that I have already figured out I just have to deploy now.

Plans are to eventually include my fishsticks library as well to handle the 2D physics.

Ill keep posting updates on this as they come available! Questions, Comments, Concerns, Criticism is appreciated.

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Just Updated the Sheet Editor.
- Animation Speed-Multiplier
- Animation Speed-Divider

Should be pushing more major updates here soon, work has just been super busy because of the holiday schedule.

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Added the ability to import .tms files into the sheet editor.

So for the most part that section of the editor is done for the alpha.  Time to go back over the main editor prototype and start getting this to a workable alpha.

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