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Procedural Game Art Generator

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Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new here so quick bio, i'm a full-time developer from the UK and currently working on some game software projects in my spare time.

Im currently building a software package for procedurally generating pixel sprites.

Just wanted to see what people think and how many would be interested in the end product.

Might look into the idea of crowdfunding so I could work on it one/two days a week and get it finished and packaged on mac/windows and linux.

I have attached some outputted sprites so you can see the results. There's tons of configuration options so I have just gone with what I think looks good as an example.







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57 minutes ago, enriqueto said:

Looks interesting. Can you do other things rather than mirroring?

Of course, just happens that a ship/sword with mirrored x axis our good examples.

Sea monster (sorta monster/dragon thing, i'm not an artist!) attached below with the grid used to generate it.



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On 12/4/2017 at 7:10 PM, PhasedEvolution said:

Preety cool! I actually think can be interesting to many developers since not all are focused on creating sprites. It makes it much easier to populate a game with a bunch of cool ones. Keep the good work!

^ Cheers!

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