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Multiplayer online hexagonal minesweeper.

Fight against other players, claim your area and steal theirs in a massive world.
Reach the top of the leaderboard by having big score. Claim as much of the world as you can for yourself in this puzzle iogame.

Play the game here:


Developed entirely in Haxe, using pixi.js for rendering, nodeJS with uws for server.

Feel free to ask me anything :)

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Thank you guys :)

7 hours ago, Rybar said:

Very addictive game! I'm not sure how interaction between players works; are mines correctly marked erased once flagged? how does your territory become theirs?

Yes, the trick is simple. You can never actually touch enemy's tiles with yours. Once you own a tile, you can click on its neighbors, if those neighbors were owned by someone else, they lose the ownership (the tile stops being owned by anyone, but is accessible to both you and your enemy to click on).
The mines are redistributed randomly based on how many mines there is and how many should be. This can cause to change numbers for the enemy, but that doesn't matter as any decision they might be in the process of making won't be affected.

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I played it now several times and I still have much fun. But today I played it on my laptop without a mouse. So I have to use the trackpad :(
It can be heaven to use the keyboard for reveal a tile or mark a mine :)
By the way, I used a ASUS Zenbook. Buttons for Left/Right-Mouse are integrated in the trackpad. A short "tap" on the trackpad invokes a "left"-Mouse-Action. That happens from time to time, if you just move the finger ...

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Yeah I can imagine how that can be pretty annoying.

Not sure about keyboard movement. Explaining and getting used to 6 buttons would be a bit difficult. Using 4 in zig-zag pattern might take away the "automatic subconscious" movement people are used to.
But it's definitely something to think about and implement. Thanks :)

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