VideoTexture, 1 frame per render loop

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Hello, is there a way to advance a VideoTexture by just 1 frame per RenderLoop?

As I understand it now it is time based. This creates the problem that if the frames need to be captured to create an animated sequence, the video keeps advancing in between 2 captured frames.

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thanks Deltakosh, i actually did try this, but i had a 'disappearing video' issue. Which is:

in order to set the .currentTime manually at each render loop, i would like for the html video to be paused.

setting videoTexture.video.autoplay = false or videoTexture.video.pause() when creating the videoTexture do not work, the video starts playing anyway. so i tried video.pause() in the render loop, which makes the texture disappear as soon as the .currentTime is called.

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//before render loop
var texVideo = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("video", ["./data/textures/video.mp4"],scene);
var htmlVideo = texVideo.video;
texVideo._autoLaunch = false;

hi @Deltakosh, the problem with this, is that the texture appears black.

so even when setting currentTime later, nothing appears.

//set current time
htmlVideo.currentTime = 50;

Unless i'm doing something wrong (?)

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