VideoTexture, 1 frame per render loop

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Hello, is there a way to advance a VideoTexture by just 1 frame per RenderLoop?

As I understand it now it is time based. This creates the problem that if the frames need to be captured to create an animated sequence, the video keeps advancing in between 2 captured frames.

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thanks Deltakosh, i actually did try this, but i had a 'disappearing video' issue. Which is:

in order to set the .currentTime manually at each render loop, i would like for the html video to be paused.

setting videoTexture.video.autoplay = false or videoTexture.video.pause() when creating the videoTexture do not work, the video starts playing anyway. so i tried video.pause() in the render loop, which makes the texture disappear as soon as the .currentTime is called.

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//before render loop
var texVideo = new BABYLON.VideoTexture("video", ["./data/textures/video.mp4"],scene);
var htmlVideo = texVideo.video;
texVideo._autoLaunch = false;

hi @Deltakosh, the problem with this, is that the texture appears black.

so even when setting currentTime later, nothing appears.

//set current time
htmlVideo.currentTime = 50;

Unless i'm doing something wrong (?)

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@Deltakosh It is worth noting that this trick with _autoLaunch will not work when used from TypeScript - this property is private.

This is part of why I created my own VideoTexture that does not take control of playback and just depends on events. Another part is that I needed to prevent `updateVideoTexture` calls for textures that are not visible. It asks for more wiring to detect visible textures through visible meshes and therefore is not currently in shape to replace current VideoTexture, but would you be interested in discussing ways to integrate this into the engine?

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