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Hey guys so a basic question. I am starting a new project. Should I use phaser 2 or phaser 3? Since there are some major changes coming with phaser 3 its gonna be hard to update the source code once its developed so this is probably a final decision.

what do you guys recommend? build it with Phaser CE 2.9.3 or with latest beta.


PS: this will also be my first project with phaser.


Thanks :)

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Phaser 3 it's not yet read and some things you may need in your project could be not yet developed.

Try to look at the roadmap and see if anything you probably could need is ready, if so try Phaser 3, if no you have to use Phaser 2 and think about an upgrade when Phaser 3 is ready.

If you want to develop in Typescript (like me) instead ofJavascript, you have to work with Phaser 2 right now.

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