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Natalia Dushkina

[WIP][Phaser] Xmas delivery game

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Merry Christmas, everyone :)


I am working on a christmas themed single button game. The player drops gifts to house chimneys. 

Player gets points (+10) if a good boy receives a gift (for now this means hitting the chimney once of a one-storied or two-storied beige house) and 0 otherwise. Game time is limited. 

Current version is here:

In the future I plan to:
- add the ability to drop 2 gifts at one house (you can drop one for now);
- add 2 more house types (e.g. a house where 2 good boys live);
- make the appearance of different house types more clear, so the player could decide more quickly whether it’s good for him to drop gifts at the forthcoming house and how many (1 or 2);
- disable gifts throw for a while if the player makes mistakes (e.g. hits a roof or throws 2 gifts to bad boys);
- add extra points for sharpshooting, e.g. +30 for 3 subsequent throws to a good boy;
- add levels, levels will differ by house types quantities and player speed;
- add roof break animation;
- change font, change the way ttf fonts load;
- rewrite all modules to ES-2015, build assets with some task runner, optimize assets load, make game work on mobile devices.
Any feedback will be appreciated, maybe you have some suggestions about game art, instructions text, game mechanics, or performance.


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