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Alex's prototypes

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Hello everyone,

starting from Phaser's examples, on Xmas holidays I've developed some prototypes (available on my website: ).

The used graphic come from opengameart an openclipart websites (no music inside.... sorry), if you'll use my scripts, please, change the graphic or use the citation policy.
Inside my website there are the related credits for the graphic.

All prototypes are available on the following link (I've add also a small image for each one):










There is also a HUB/menu where you can choose what you prefer:


These "games" are freely available to be reused (if you like them and if you need), I hope my holydays' work could be useful for someone.

If I'll develop more prototypes, these will be added on this section (and inside the HUB/menu).

Please, if you find some bugs and you fix them, send me the right version of the scripts, thanks.


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Hello everyone,

another prototype is freely available on my website. It's a simple two player hockey prototype. Drag your avatar (when the arrows are of the same colour of your disc) and throw it like a catapult.
Make a goal inside the field of your opponent.


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