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Made a couple of changes to Blender exporter.  Here is commit comment:


- fixed a bug when no checking an action has at least one frame. Now ignore & write warning to .log file
- added 2 new scene level custom properties for animation processing

Scene level auto animate allows you to turn on animations, except for skeleton based.  This probably should not be used unless the second property also enabled.

Currently assigned action only, when checked only exports one animation for any object.


Backstory: in a Blender scene, there is just an array of all actions (animations).  Individual meshes, lights, cameras, skeletons do not own them.  These objects just point to the action they are currently assigned.  The original exporter, by @Deltakosh, only exported the currently assigned action. 

This meant you could not have a character centric .blend where the character mesh could have many actions (run , walk, sit, pay taxes, etc) and export them all as separate BABYLON.AnimationRanges.  Multiple action support was added around version 4.0.  There was one side effect of identifying what to export when there were multiple meshes with a current action assigned. 

It was initially solved by using a name convention format of 'object-name'.  Clicking 'Only Currently Assigned Actions' is another way to solve it.  It goes back to the original way.  Now there are 2 different ways of handling animation exporting for different type of .blend files.


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It's worth noting that the installation instructions in the BJS documentation seem incorrect.

They suggest unzipping the archive and finding - a file which isn't in the 5.5 archive.

It's only when I read the readme in the git repo I realised that I should simply install the zip and Blender does the extracting and building itself.

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Thanks for pointing that out.  I wrote the readme one.  I did not know that the other was there.  You almost have to go to the directory with the readme to get the zip file, so I put my directions there. Even the other directions link to the directory of the readme.

I can directly push to Exporters repo, and I never figured out how to put pictures in the documentation repo, so I only updated exporters repo.

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