Free Augmented Reality App Creator for BabylonJs

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Hello everyone, I’m Mostafa Kaouri founder & CEO at YouAugment, a free augmented reality app creator. I’m going to introduce you to YouAugment AR app creator that was developed with BabylonJs 3D Engine and Artoolkit.


- What’s YouAugment AR app creator?
AR app creator is a web enabled application that can help anyone to create their AR app for free and without coding skills. It can work on your iphone/ipad or android enabled devices. It's highly depends on BabylonJs.

- Why I made it?
I’m looking for everyone to get the absolute benefit from Augmented Reality without pain on coding or paying for high cost licenses.

- Why it’s free?
I made it free for you to be part of AR community and let you engage your customers, family or friends to experience the AR technology for any purpose you are looking for such as increasing sales, education, or entertainment.

- How do I support it?
It’s my passion to continue improving and supporting the youaugment AR app creator from my income and interested investors.

- Contact us
If you’ve any question, please feel free to contact me on

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Great work -- I created an app through your site.  I was pointing my phone at the image I uploaded, what are the marker(s) for AR?
edit:  Marker is the image I uploaded. I do see the text I created, but only at the very bottom of the page and underneath the camera part - not on top of the camera, if that makes sense.  like a z-index problem perhaps.

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