Incorrect rendering in vr headset when switching sessions

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I have a test app with 2 sessions which I can switch back and forth by clicking a button (thanks to the new UI). 

The rendering of both sessions works as expected in the browser (non-vr), but not quite when I go into the vr mode.

When viewing in vr headset (using wmr odyssey), I am seeing double vision when switching session.

I am guessing this has something to do with VRExperienceHelper which is created per scene object (via Scene.CreateDefaultVRExperience()).

Probably it's not safe to create more than one instances of the vr helper object ? But then what should you do when you have multiple session objects ?

Please advise, thanks.


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Well I remembered Deltakosh mentioned this but I am not using full screen UI though. It won't even render properly in any scene. 

The first scene with button works just fine but as soon as I switched to the second scene, I am seeing double vision. 

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