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Silone Online

[WIP] Silone.Online MMO TBS

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  • Title: Silone.Online
  • Genre: Online TBS with elements of tactical simulator and RPG.
  • Platforms: Web
  • Tech: ASP.NET, Angular, Pixi.js, SignalR, Howler.
  • Developer: Combat Dices Team



Hello, everyone.

I am an indie game developer from Tomsk, Russia. In my spare time I develop my small project - Silone.Online. Periodically I accept help from friends and third-party developers, artists, musicians. Work is conducted from 2016. Now the game is implemented:
- A global map with many provinces.
- A unique system of character development, based on the work performed, and not on the levels.
- Dialogues, usually ending with a quest.
- Craft equipment and lots of resources.
- Free trade between players.

Direct game link here:

Development Log in VK
Page on Patreon

Gameplay video





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