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Crash Racing - Multiplayer Racing Game, Inspired by Rock'n Roll Racing

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I've been working on this game for a while, and I'm finally doing a "technical release" of it. Since it's still in alpha, you may loose your progress on the next update.

It's a retro multiplayer racing game, inspired by Rock'n Roll Racing. I'm using colyseus in the back-end, and pixi.js in the front-end.

Play it now:
You'll be redirected automatically to a server on EU or US.


  • Arrow keys for movement
  • 1 - Missile
  • 2 - Drop mine
  • 3 - Turbo / Nitro

Hope you enjoy playing, any feedback is very welcome! Cheers!

Screenshots below:



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I liked it, really simple and shows off the multiplayer hooks to extend later.  I will check out the Colyseus project further :)

Only thing that stumped me was directional control was relative to the world (go up, go down, go left, go right) rather than relative to the car (steer left, steer right).  Maybe there's a way to detect what the player expects the controls to do before the game starts for real?

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Thanks for the feedback @b10b, I'm thinking on making the game controls configurable, as some players find more intuitive the way it works right now.

Today I released an update, which allows you to level up your skills, and collect gold / packages during race!

Check it out:


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@endel separate configurations can work of course.  Alternatively try in-context configuration ...  For example imagine a track with the car facing WEST.  A WEST-TO-NORTH corner approaches.  The player must turn.  If they pressed UP then use global-directions.  If they pressed RIGHT then use relative-directions.  Why is this better?  The advantage of in-context is that the player wasn't inconvenienced by either a config screen, or missing the first corner - they just played the game as they expected and the game learnt from them :)

Edit: thinking about this some more (in relation to your game specifically), are you sure you need directions at all?  With a right hand corner approaching, doing anything other than turning right is going to upset the player.  Perhaps it becomes just a question of when, not what?

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