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tileSprite looks to have padding or margin

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Hi guys,


I'm having an issue with a tileSprite I'm using to cover  my game screen. It looks like the repeating texture has spacing/margin added on all sides which creates this grid like effect in the screenshot below. I have no idea how this has happened because yesterday when I was working on the game (and all times previously) the tileSprite formed a solid texture the size of the game world. I've tried this with 2 separate textures, in different states/browsers and I'm starting to think I'm going crazy. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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I've actually fixed this now. Weirdly I had to cut the area of the texture pixel perfect in Photoshop and not leave any of the chequered canvas around the png (which is usually ignored). The most confusing part is that I had used this texture previously as a tileSprite without this happening. 

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