Anyone using as a publisher?

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I love a good online mystery. (a guilty pleasure of mine, I must admit.)

So I decided to do some digging. pro style. ^_^

Here's what I found:

As for the origin of the company being in Turkey, there is some credibility to that, as can be seen on their LinkedIn account. (See Screenshot)

They also have taken some serious liberties on their Github account, like with Phaser. (Not forked, straight up lifted- see link and screenshot)

Their domains are protected from whois search for registrar info with a solid lock, so it would cost money to actually find any previous records.

And the venturebeat article linked to above is valid, so they obviously are not strapped for cash in any way that would prevent them from paying devs.

Finally, to address their complaint to bestgames above to not give out their personal info, maybe a better solution would be to just pay the devs that have been helping you make so much money that you can buy other companies with it?

I've provided screenshots because I've noticed their account on here is actually following these threads. (You can see that on people's profile pages, you know?)

I hope that helps people with their assessment of their available options for online distribution. ^_^

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 9.40.30 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.01.57 AM.png

EDIT -- February 4th 2019:

I've recently noticed that they've taken a sudden interest in my online profiles after this post. (See screenshot) And I don't think it's to see if I want to submit games.  

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 12.43.06 PM.png

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Updated after GameDistrubution Started checking out my online profiles

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@ShrewdPixel Yes, exactly! Gamedistribution is not a reliable company! Their monthly revenue is millions euro .. and do not want to pay developers, this is stupid! 

Gamedistribution is Turkish based company. GD owner and in 2017-2018 was  acquired by Orange Games.

They earn millions euros and they don't want pay a few hundred bucks?? Their business model is based on 33% revenue share with fixed rate = this mean when you will have more, more games as publisher and your games will serve more ads impressions Gamedistribution will earn more money than you. This is classic PONZI scheme where they get 68% Adsence earnings - throught DoubleClick actually Google AdManager. Now their company has investment fund called "Azerion, you canunderstand why they don't want pay or pay after half year. (

They just need over 10M -  50M on investments and developers / publishers are for them only "money makers".

Some example:

Gross revenue 100 = Adsence give them 68, They take 38 as fee and your revenue will be 30 (their system "optimization" system Tunnl calculated your revenue 2x smaller than your real/actual revenue from Google Adx ads) = if it pays you at all HAHAHA @GameDistribution Support, after they have 68 and you nothing...

With more, more ads impressions their system Tunnl started calculated smaller and smaller revenue, 2x smaller, 3x smaller (on 1,000,000 impressions you will earn almost the same revenue as on 4,000,000 impressions, but they get many more money)

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I am also a GD publisher and developer since March 2018. And I also work with many other game distributors like Cloud Games, 4J, SoftGames, Famobi, CrazyGames, ... and Gamedistribution.

Actually, up to now, June 06, 2019, I was work hard with GD. I have earned some money monthly and I also delayed my payment on GD.

I really understand this problem when we have not recived money as well as myself efforts. So, I have plan to write a personal blog that shares all revenue of some game distributors and personal reviews about them. The purpose I write this review for new people who want to join in games entertainment industry. I will post my review on my blog about report my monthly earnings as well as games developer experience. (Follow me on FB and TW page)

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Hi all,

Just to get the confusion out of this platform on the origin of GD and some background info:

- (part of Azerion, which was previously orangegames) was owned by a turkish owner.

- Azerion is Dutch but has multiple offices in Europe. The starting CEO's have a turkish background in development business, hence the Turkish links.

- Azerion is not an investment fund, but the Umbrella name of a lot of advertising tech, games and content.

- A company is responsible for payments etc, not persons working there. So thats why we are never a fan of sharing personal info online as there is no added value for personal attack.

- We have many success stories with developers so I hope that can also be an example and inspiring for you to upload great games. But like always, quality is key to make solid revenues

- We pay all developers, albeit a little late sometimes 😊 and thats no excuse, we really hope to see this improve! But again. Nobody is NOT paid.

Hope to see you all give GD (another) go! 




The GD team




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First of all gamedistribution need to made their site more secure. I have find some of my games at past published on facebook and other websites and i'm not talking for iframe method. My games downloaded with eassyyy way.. Browser -> Save as, some extra programs, etc etc.......... Why to trust you again?

Advice: Use cdn, or make a good .htaccess and robots code lines. Save our works from "idiots".

Thanks god, i remove all of them.

I will not talking about money of course. The same games on other sites get more earnings in 1 month and in gamedistribution get 1/3 of earnings in 3 months.

So big traffic and i get too low earnings? Am i missing something with this company?

Also, need to update their sdk, to be more "clever". More sites that get the games, use theirs ads and for some strange reason, the ads from gamedistribution sdk show once or not at all.

I wonder, why all old developers continue and publish their games. So strange. I can understand, new developers don't know too much. Who knows.

Good luck to all with this company.

P.S: "success stories" ? Can you share some original-success stories?

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